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Finesse Decor offers these lovely elegant home decor sculptures that feature a figure of a man balancing with a chrome rod;  measuring 28″ inches tall and stands on a 6″ x 6″ base holding a steel bar that is 26″ in length. These decorative accents encompass stylistic art to make a stunning centerpiece achieving a relaxed and welcoming vibe in your home or office. These mantel decorations offer a variety of unique artistic designs in a variety of glossy, translucent acrylic colors; these decorative accents will inspire your creativity in designing your home.

This is a multi functional modern decor piece that no matter what your personal style or interior design preferences are, this house decor can be placed anywhere like your living room, reading nook, book shelf, kitchen or bedroom. Use this art resin desk decor as an office table ornament, a table top decor, contemporary sculpture in a console table, a vintage decor table centerpiece creating a relaxing and welcoming ambiance.


Dimensions 9 x 11 x 30

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Weight 18 lb


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